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Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 
Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

OTH 1802 - Level I Fieldwork, Physical Dysfunction

80 hours Practicum, 1 credit
Lower-Division College Credit
Prerequisites: OTH 1001, OTH 1520C, and OTH 2300C
AA Elective: No
This fieldwork experience consists of two-weeks (80 hours) placement in a clinical setting with patients with physical dysfunctions. Completion of this clinical experience is not contingent upon completion of Level I Fieldwork, Psychosocial (OTH 1800), as these courses are not sequential. Students are exposed to the clinical, organizational, and operational aspects of the Occupational Therapy department or agency under the direct supervision of an OTR, COTA or an experienced/qualified clinician (PT, PTA, teacher, social worker, counselor, psychologist, etc.).

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