Oct 25, 2021  
Catalog/Handbook 2015-2016 
Catalog/Handbook 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Withdrawal Process

Students may officially withdraw from a course(s) during any given term, provided they follow the appropriate policies and procedures. Following the conclusion of the Drop period, students may officially withdraw without receiving a grade from any course, provided they do so no later than the published withdrawal deadline. The published deadline reflects approximately, but no more than, 70% of the length of the term, based upon the course's scheduled duration. A student cannot use course withdrawal to avoid academic dishonesty penalties. A student who has been penalized for, or accused of, academic dishonesty in a course is not eligible to withdraw from the course. A hold is placed on the student's registration privileges and the student must see an advisor to perform other registration activity until final grades for that term are posted. Students should check the Academic Calendar for term dates and important deadlines.

Academic and Student Services officials of the College reserve the right to administratively withdraw a student under circumstances that would impede the learning environment for Polk State College students, staff, and faculty.

Under the Grade Forgiveness Policy, students are allowed only three attempts in any one course: one initial enrollment and two repeats. In certain circumstances, students may petition to repeat a credit course beyond the three attempts. Students should be aware that repeating courses may result in higher tuition rates and fees. In college developmental courses, students may petition for reduction of these fees. Students should visit an academic advisor for details regarding this process. Although all course attempts appear on the transcript, only the grade earned in the most recent attempt is calculated in the cumulative GPA. Students are not allowed to withdraw from a third course attempt. If a student stops attending class, the grade earned, usually an F, is assigned and posted to the student's transcript.

Prior to repeating a course, students should consult the Student Financial Services Office to determine what impact, if any, withdrawing from or repeating a course has on financial aid status. Students are responsible for the financial aid repercussions and academic status implications of withdrawing from courses.

Students are advised that withdrawing from a class and dropping a class have different implications. Students who withdraw will have a W grade for the class and be financially obligated for the tuition and fees. In addition, withdrawing from a class can negatively impact the student's academic status under the Standards of Academic Progress. Dropping occurs prior to the posted drop deadline and the student is not financially or academically obligated when a class is officially dropped.

NOTE: Other institutions may not necessarily have the same grade forgiveness policy as Polk State College and may recalculate student GPAs or reassess eligibility for financial aid. In addition, limited  admission programs (Nursing, for example) have program-specific academic standards that address course withdrawals for students enrolled in these programs.