Feb 17, 2020  
Catalog/Handbook 2019-2020 
Catalog/Handbook 2019-2020

CET 1610C - Routing and Switching Essentials

3 hours Lecture, 1 hour Lab, 3 credits
Lower-Division College Credit
Prerequisite(s): CET 1600C
AA Elective: No
This course focuses on the architecture, components, and operations of routers and switches in a small network. In this course, students practice configuring routers and switches for basic functionality. By the end of this course, students can configure and troubleshoot routers and switches, as well as resolve common issues with Routing Information Protocol (RIP)v1 and RIPv2, single-area and multi-area Open Shortest Pathway First (OSPF) routing protocols, Virtual Local Area Networks (LANs), and inter-VLAN routing in both IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

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