May 17, 2021  
Catalog/Handbook 2019-2020 
Catalog/Handbook 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HUM 2740 - Humanities Travel Study: Europe

3 hours Lecture, 3 credits
Lower-Division College Credit
Prerequisite(s): Requires placement at the college level or satisfaction of developmental education requirements in reading and writing.
AA Elective: Yes
This course provides a cultural learning experience in the field of Humanities through a combination of travel to selected sites and academic seminars and lectures. The curriculum conforms with the guidelines established by the Florida Department of Education. Typically, participants engage in intensive seminars prior to the tour and attend on-site lectures by experienced guides during travel. Travelers seeking college credit are evaluated on the basis of participation and academic evidence such as projects, journals, and reports. The number of credit hours assigned (three or six) is determined by the length and intensity of the travel-study experience.

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