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Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appeal, Complaint, and Petition Policy

Polk State College students are assured the opportunity to express informal appeals and complaints and to initiate formal appeals and complaints regarding the operation of the College and the actions of its employees performing their duties as stated in the District Board of Trustees Rules 4.26, 4.01, and 3.27.

Students are encouraged to pursue resolution of their appeals/complaints with the appropriate College staff in the informal phase. If resolution is not achieved, the formal phase may be pursued. Students who pursue the formal phase of the process should confer with the campus Dean of Student Services, who can provide information regarding this process. Read the section of this catalog for additional details: Student Bill of Rights and Complaint Procedures .  


Students who feel the College’s regulations have not been interpreted or applied fairly or that they have experienced extreme extenuating circumstances may petition the Polk State College’s Petitions Committee. The Petitions Committee reviews each individual’s written request and renders a decision. Students are responsible for gathering and providing all documentation supporting a petition. Information about the petitioning process is available from academic advisors.

A student who wishes to appeal a residency determination may complete a petition review request along with a residency declaration and submit it to the Admission and Registrar’s office, who then submits this documentation to the Residency Committee. The decision of the residency committee is final with no avenue for additional appeal.

Students with disabilities who feel the College has not met their needs appropriately (other than issues of substitutions) may appeal to Polk State College’s Equity Committee for an appeal hearing. The decision of the Equity Committee is final. Students should visit with an academic advisor for information about the Equity Committee.