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Catalog/Handbook 2011-2012 
Catalog/Handbook 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Handbook/Resources and Activities


Faculty Office Hours

Polk State College faculty members are available to assist students during regularly-scheduled office hours, which are posted on the syllabus for each course along with faculty office locations. Some professors also provide online office hours for supplemented, hybrid, and fully-online classes in PAL (the College’s web-based learning management system) or through real-time e-mail communication. Faculty e-mail addresses and phone numbers are posted on the syllabus for each course so that students can e-mail or call their professors for help with course content.

Learning Resources

Polk State College students are provided with a variety of services and resources at the libraries and Teaching/Learning Computing Centers on each campus that are designed to support academic success. Knowledgeable and helpful staff members are available at each location. Many resources and services can be accessed online through the Internet to support students taking e-learning courses or studying on campus. 


The Polk State College libraries support learning and instruction by providing access to quality academic informational resources on many subjects. The libraries’ collections include books, periodicals, reference materials, electronic books, microfilm, art reproductions, and audio-visual materials. The libraries purchase access to many electronic databases that are accessible to students through the Internet.

Each library is equipped with personal computers and laptops that are available for use within the library. Self-service, card-operated computer printing, photocopying, and microfilm reader/printers are available. Students who print from library and TLCC computers are charged a nominal fee per page. All computers in the library are connected to the Internet, and the library also provides wireless Internet access for those who wish to bring their own laptops.

Professional librarians are available to consult with students on research, and they can also teach students to use information resources in the library or online. Knowledgeable staff members are on hand to assist students with checking out materials and using library technology.

The Winter Haven Campus Library is located on the third floor of the Learning Resources Building (WLR). The Lakeland Campus Library is located on the first floor of the Lakeland Learning Center (LLC-2160). The JD Alexander/Lake Wales Center provides outreach librarians to serve students and faculty. For details, students may visit the Library website.

Teaching/Learning Computing Centers

The purpose of the Teaching/Learning Computing Centers (TLCC) is to further the educational process at Polk State College. The TLCCs provide qualified staff and up-to-date equipment and facilities to promote student academic success by providing tutoring services, computing resources, and other instructional support.

The TLCC at the Winter Haven Campus is located on the second floor of the Learning Resources Building (WLR). At Lakeland, the TLCC is located on the first floor of the Lakeland Learning Center (LLC-2150). The TLCCs provide a wide variety of resources, including computers, scanners, printers, and Internet and e-mail access, as well as numerous software applications available for student use.

The TLCCs also provide one-to-one and group tutoring in college preparatory courses, science, mathematics, and English, sciences, and computers. Each TLCC has available supplemental videotapes, audio tapes, slides, models, and other instructional materials. Make-up, certification, CLEP, and distance education tests are also administered in the TLCCs.

The TLCCs are open weekdays Monday through Friday during the day, Monday through Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings. Specific hours and further information can be found on the TLCC website.

The Student Activities and Leadership Office (S.A.L.O)

The Student Activities and Leadership Office is dedicated to students interested in developing meaningful ideals and crafting a greater sense of self. At this office, students can find valuable information and useful assistance, as well as participate in student-driven activities and events. Participating in campus activities helps students gain life-long skills and the competitive edge necessary for retention and graduation, as well as post-graduation success. The Student Activities and Leadership Office offers the following resources and services to students: charter forms and procedure information on how to start a new club, volunteer service information and opportunities, calendar of campus events, voter registration and information on how to serve on college-wide committees. SALO is housed in the Student Center on the Winter Haven and Lakeland Campuses.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official representative of Polk State College students. The SGA has three main responsibilities: it acts as a liaison between students and administrators, it provides a program of activities for the College, and it represents Polk State College students in state organizations of college students.

The SGA schedules College activities and events that provide social outlets for students. SGA is a member of the Florida Junior/Community Colleges Student Government Association that represents the College on the district and state level, and American Student Government Association that represents the College on national and international levels.

SGA holds elections each spring, and officers typically serve a year-long term. All students who are currently in good academic standing at Polk State College are considered members of SGA and are able to attend meetings.

The SGA is funded by the Student Activities Fee, making it possible to present programs free of charge to Polk State College students. The SGA assists with the administration of the Activities budget under the supervision of the Coordinator of Student Activities and the Dean of Student Services.

Student Center

The Student Centers are places where students gather to socialize and study. The Student Center on the Lakeland Campus is located in LAC. On the Winter Haven Campus, the Student Center is located in the WST Building and houses the College Bookstore, special event rooms, campus dining services, Activity Center, TV Lounge, the Student Activity and Leadership Office (S.A.L.O.), and SGA Offices.

Student Organizations

Many active clubs and organizations are available at Polk State College. Among them are:

  • AITP – Collegiate Computer Club (LK)
  • B.A.S. - Bachelor of Applied Science Council (LK) 
  • Black Student Union (WH)
  • Brain Bowl (WH)
  • C.A.V.E. - Cultural Academic and Vocational Experience (WH)
  • Chess Club (LK)
  • Drama Club (WH)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (WH)
  • Florida Nursing Student Association (WH/LK)
  • Gospel Choirs (WH/LK)
  • Go Green – Recycle Program (LK)
  • Green Club (WH/LK)
  • Health Information Management Club (LK)
  • International Business Club (WH)
  • International Circle (WH/LK)
  • Intramurals Club (WH/LK)
  • Math Club (WH/LK)
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Club (WH)
  • Phi Beta Lambda (LK)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (WH/LK)
  • Philosophy Club (LK)
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Club (WH)
  • Polk State College Equity Club (LK)
  • Polk State College Players (WH/LK)
  • Psi Beta (WH)
  • S.A.L.O. - Student Activities and Leadership Office (WH/LK)
  • S.H.O.U.T. – Students Helping Others Understand the Truth (LK)
  • Student Activities Board (LK)
  • Student Community Alliance (WH)
  • Student Veteran Association (WH)
  • S.W.E.A.R. - Students Working for Equal Rights (LK)
  • T.C.G. - The Card Gaming Club (LK)
  • The Chapter (LK)
  • United Writers (LK)
  • Viking Volunteers (WH/LK)
  • Visual Arts Society of Polk State College (WH/LK)

Academic Honor Societies

Polk State College sponsors a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the official National Honor Society for community and junior college students. The Polk State College Chapter, Xi Pi, is an active student organization on campus that encourages scholarship, leadership, service to the College, and fellowship among members.

Students interested in any clubs or organizations should consult an advisor for membership requirements.


Catalogs and other College publications are produced when appropriate. These publications are available on the Polk State College website at www.polk.edu. Alternative formats are available in the Student Services Offices for students with disabilities.

The Student Handbook is available to all students on the Polk State College website. It provides student information about policies, procedures, and student rights.


Polk State College provides a variety of opportunities for students wishing to participate in ensemble music organizations, both vocal and instrumental. Participation is on a credit or non-credit basis, depending on the ensemble. For further information, students should contact Professor John Anderson, Department of Music, at 863-297-1010, ext. 5277.

Polk State College Theatre (PSCT)

The performance program includes courses in acting, voice and speech, singing, and stage movement, as well as workshops in special techniques such as stage combat and dance for musical theatre. The production program includes courses in stage and production management, as well as stage craft for scenery and lighting. The curriculum of both programs emphasizes development of the student's personal talents, the capacity for artistic collaboration, and academic success.

PSCT presents two types of theatrical events:

  • Classic musicals, comedies, and dramas in the 500-seat Main Stage Theatre
  • Contemporary plays in the 90-seat Black Box Theatre

For additional information, contact the Theatre Department at 863-292-3831.

Athletic Programs

Polk State College is a member in good standing of the National Junior College Athletic Association (Region VIII) as well as the Florida Community College Activities Association (Suncoast Conference). Athletes compete in men's baseball, men's basketball, women's volleyball, women's softball, and women's soccer. A limited number of scholarships are available for student athletes.

Polk State College has excellent sports facilities that serve as models for other schools in Florida. The Health Center on the Winter Haven Campus seats 2,600 adults in an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art, oak-wood surfaced facility, which houses the women's volleyball and the men's basketball programs. Polk State College's soccer team plays at the new Lake Myrtle Park in Auburndale. The baseball field is built to professional specifications. The softball team plays at the state-of-the-art Diamondplex.

Students wishing to participate in an athletic program are encouraged to contact the coach of the varsity sport of interest. Athletic Programs are located on the Winter Haven Campus.


Polk State College provides an intramurals program including competition in events such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, bowling, and more. Students who would like to get involved in these activities, or have ideas for other activities, should contact the Student Activity Office on the Lakeland or Winter Haven Campus. Students must be currently enrolled to participate in all intramural and extramural activities on and off campus.

Career Centers

Polk State College has Career Centers located on the Lakeland and Winter Haven Campuses. A variety of services are offered to assist students with developing a career plan, choosing a major, preparing for a job search, attending workshops, and viewing reference materials and other website resources. Students should visit an academic advisor on the Lakeland or Winter Haven Campus or at the JD Alexander/Lake Wales Center for more information.

Health Services

No hospital facilities are provided by the College.

NOTE: The College has no express or implied responsibility for accidents or expenses incurred resulting from accidents; therefore, students are required to assume responsibility for their own medical expenses.Students are encouraged to purchase health insurance while attending Polk State College. Information on various insurance plans is available in the Academic Advising Offices.

Help Center

The Help Center offers short-term counseling for both personal and academic issues. All services provided by the Help Center are free of charge and confidential in accordance with State and federal laws. Students struggling with academic, emotional, family, financial, or personal issues should contact the Help Center. Licensed counselors also provide support for a variety of concerns: alcohol and substance abuse, anxiety and depression, academic distress, attention deficit issues, difficulty coping with college, loss of a loved one, sexual assault, stress management, sleep problems, suicidal thoughts and feelings, and test anxiety. Appointments can be scheduled at the student’s convenience and walk-ins are always welcome. Students can visit the Help Center on the Winter Haven Campus in WAD 178 or on the Lakeland Campus in LTB 1288.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, students should call:

Winter Haven Help Center: 863-292-3759

Lakeland Help Center: 863-669-2309

 Student Ombudsman

Polk State College has a Student Ombudsman on each campus who facilitates understanding, communication, and conflict resolution among students, faculty, and staff. The office provides a prompt, impartial, and confidential means of facilitating dialogue and resolving differences between parties apart from formal grievance procedures. The mission of the Ombudsman is to ensure that all students receive fair and equitable treatment at Polk State College.

The Ombudsman helps students by:

  • Listening to grievances.
  • Clarifying College policy.
  • Answering questions.
  • Assisting with problems that have not been resolved by other offices.
  • Making referrals to individuals with more expertise in a specific concern.
  • Helping define available options.
  • Recommending changes/improvements to College policy, rules, or procedures that are outdated, unclear, or ineffective.
  • Opening avenues of communication.
  • Offering a safe place to discuss concerns.

Students should contact the Dean of Student Services Office on the Lakeland or Winter Haven Campus for more information.

Student Bill of Rights

Polk State College respects the rights of its students. The College outlines student rights under several of the College's rules and procedures. These rights cover academic, policy-related, behavioral, and state-legislated matters. A summary of student rights, called the Student Bill of Rights, is available on the website at www.polk.edu.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Polk State College adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. All services, degree programs, and classes are open to eligible students with disabilities, and reasonable accommodations are provided, based on individual needs. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for extended testing time, special computer equipment, tutoring, recorded texts, note-taker services, interpreters, course substitutions, and other necessary and reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access.

The Coordinators of Academic Advising work with any rehabilitation agency, such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or the Division of Blind Services, to coordinate student services for students with disabilities. Designated parking spaces are available for students with disabilities who hold state-approved permits; additional parking permits are not required.

Students are encouraged to contact one of the Coordinators of Academic Advising in Student Services to request special accommodations or auxiliary aids. All information provided is voluntary and kept strictly confidential.

NOTE: The College does not provide personal attendant care, transportation, or housing assistance.

TRiO Student Support Services

TRiO Student Support Services is a federally-funded program designed to offer free individual, academic, and personal support to qualified students. To qualify, students must be first-generation college students (neither parent has a baccalaureate degree), low income according to federal guidelines, and/or have a documented physical, mental, or learning disability. Additionally, they must be at least half-time students at Polk State College who are seeking to complete an associate in arts degree that transfers to a bachelor's program at Polk State College or another four-year college or university. Services include academic and career guidance, mentoring, textbook lending, transfer counseling, and visits to local four-year colleges and universities. TRIO Student Support Services are available to students on the Winter Haven Campus in WAD 167, the Lakeland Campus in LTB 1293, and the JD Alexander/Lake Wales Center in JDA 103.

Reserve Officer Training Corps

Polk State College and Florida Southern College (FSC) partner in a cross-enrollment program that provides Polk State College students the opportunity of participating in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) offered through FSC's Department of Military Science. Students take courses at a Polk State College or FSC campus. Credit earned in these courses becomes part of the student’s permanent record. 

Students taking ROTC courses during their first two years of college incur no service obligation. Qualifying students can apply for two- and three-year Army ROTC scholarships that pay tuition, books, materials, fees, and a $100 stipend per month. Two-year scholarship winners receive free room and board if they transfer to Florida Southern College for their junior and senior years. Students interested in ROTC programs should enroll in an AA program leading to a degree in their chosen field. ROTC scholarship qualifications include a 2.5 GPA and other criteria determined by the ROTC Cadet Command. For more information, contact the ROTC Enrollment Officer at Florida Southern College in person, or by phone at 863-680-4241.

Lost and Found

Students should return found items and check for lost items at the Information Desk in Student Services on any campus or center.  Items that are turned in to Lost and Found are logged by date and stored for 30 days.  After 30 days the College disposes of lost-and-found items or donates useable items as appropriate. Polk State College manages Lost and Found in accordance with Florida Statute 705.18.

Student Housing

The College does not provide dormitories, housing, or housing referrals.

Student Identification Cards

Polk State College identification cards are issued to all enrolled students. Students are required to show this ID when using College services or when attending College-sponsored events. Cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged may be replaced for a $5.00 fee that can be paid at the Cashier's office or online through Passport. The Photo ID Offices are located in the Student Activities and Leadership Office (S.A.L.O) on the Winter Haven and Lakeland Campuses.