Oct 23, 2020  
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EMS 1059C - Emergency Medical Responder

3 hours Lecture, 3 credits
Lower-Division College Credit
Corequisite(s): CEV 2319 (Not required if the student holds a Healthcare Provider CPR-AED certification that does not expire before the end of the term)
AA Elective: No
The Emergency Medical Responder is an integral part of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System. The term "Emergency Medical Responder" is applied to the first individual who arrives at the scene regardless of the individual's type of credential. This course provides students with the core information, skills, and attitudes to function in the capacity of a first responder. Students attend the EMS Skills Lab to demonstrate, practice, and verify competency in basic EMS skills. In addition to the scheduled class lab hours, students are required to attend TEAM Day, complete CPR training, and verify competency in the EMS Skills Lab.

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