Oct 23, 2020  
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EEX 3071 - Teaching Exceptional and Diverse Populations in Inclusive Settings

3 hours Lecture, 3 credits
Upper-Division College Credit
Prerequisite(s): RED 3009
AA Elective: No
This course provides a survey of the learning theories and principles of education that are necessary to inform instruction in the inclusive classroom setting. Emphasis is placed on differentiating instruction with an awareness of varied learning styles, thinking styles, multiple intelligences, and brain research to effectively meet the academic needs of students. The teacher candidate creates tiered lessons and explores strategies for modifying and accommodating curricula for inclusion of students with varying needs. In addition to class meetings, field experiences in a kindergarten to grade 3 educational setting are required. This is a Florida (2010) ESOL-infused class and also satisfies Florida Reading Endorsement (2011) Competency Four: Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction.

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