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Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 
Catalog/Handbook 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDE 4302 - Engineering for Elementary Learners

3 hours Lecture, 3 credits
Upper-Division College Credit
Prerequisite(s): EDE 4304, MAE 3310, and SCE 3310
AA Elective: No
This course is based on the Constructivist Learning Theory, and provides hands-on experience with concepts and real-world applications of engineering appropriate for elementary-age learners. Coursework links to established Polk State College programs, such as Aerospace, Engineering Technology, TALON Robotics, and the LEGO® Robotics Enrichment Academy. Teacher candidates design standards-based Five-E (i.e., Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) lesson plans that include differentiated strategies and assessment, build content knowledge, strengthen critical-thinking skills, and foster capacity for innovation. This course is a Florida (2010) ESOL Endorsement competency-infused class.

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