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Catalog/Handbook 2021-2022 
Catalog/Handbook 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Auditing Courses

Regular college-credit courses are available for audit. College developmental courses are not available for audit. Courses in limited-admission programs may be audited only with the prior permission of the appropriate Dean and appropriate Program Director. To audit a course, a student must meet College admission requirements and be able to demonstrate, if required, that he or she meets the placement standards for the course to be audited.

A student should identify the intention to audit a course at the time of registration. A student who has enrolled in a credit course as a credit-seeking student may convert that registration to “audit” status no later than the last day of the course’s designated Drop Period (also known as the census date). A credit course may not be converted to “audit” status if the course is being paid for by a third party (e.g., Financial Aid, scholarships, Workforce in Action funds, Veterans’ Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation). A student who is auditing a course is responsible for paying course tuition and fees as assessed, according to his or her residency status and the fee schedule made public by the College. Audited classes and classes for credit are assessed the same tuition and fees.

A student auditing a course is required to adhere to the attendance, testing, and any other policies established by the professor in the specific course being audited. An audited course is posted on the student’s transcript; however, the student receives no credit for the course. An audited course is not counted or used when calculating GPA, academic standing, graduation requirements, Veterans’ Benefits, other financial aid eligibility, or for certifying enrollment for outside agencies. A course declared for audit cannot be converted to a course for credit later than the drop deadline/census date of the course; however, the course may be subsequently repeated for credit as long as the repeat does not violate Polk State College’s Grade Forgiveness Policy or other College regulations.