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Catalog/Handbook 2021-2022 
Catalog/Handbook 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civic Literacy

Pursuant to Rule 6A-10.02413 of the, Florida Administrative Code, all first-time-in-college Associate in Arts degree-seeking students initially entering Polk State College in the Fall 2018 Semester or thereafter must demonstrate competency in civic literacy through one of the following options prior to graduation:

  • Successfully passing one of the following courses:
    • AMH 1020 History of the United States: 1877 to the Present
    • POS 2041 American National Government
  • Or completing one of the following assessments with the score indicated:
    • AP Government and Politics: United States (Score of 3 or better)
    • AP United States History (Score of 4 or better)
    • CLEP: American Government (Score of 50 or better)

Note: All approved accelerated credit is listed in the Credit-By-Exam Equivalencies. The Credit-by-Exam section of the Florida State Articulation Committee website provides further details.