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Catalog/Handbook 2014-2015 
Catalog/Handbook 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record in the Registrar’s Office and are issued in the form of a transcript upon request. Term grades are available online through the College’s PASSPORT portal at no charge.

Final grades are based on any or all of the following: course assignments, special reports, quiz grades, research papers, course participation, laboratory assignments, field work, and final examinations. Specific grading polices and course requirements are provided by the professor at the beginning of each course. Students who believe the final grade posted is in error should contact the professor to discuss a possible grade change. Any complaint involving a grade appeal must be filed on or before 30 calendar days after the start of the next major term. Grades and grade-point values are listed below:


A - Superior

4 Grade Points

B - Above Average

3 Grade Points

C - Satisfactory

2 Grade Points

D - Below Average

1 Grade Point

F - Fail

0 Grade Points

I - Incomplete

0 Grade Points

S - Satisfactory

0 Grade Points

U - Unsatisfactory

0 Grade Points
          W- Withdrawal 0 Grade Points

X - Audit

0 Grade Points

P - Passed

0 Grade Points