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Catalog/Handbook 2014-2015 
Catalog/Handbook 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduation Requirements

Students completing transfer program requirements receive an Associate in Arts degree (AA) and are certified as completing General Education requirements. Some technical courses cannot be used as electives in the AA degree programs; also, college developmental courses cannot be applied toward graduation. Students should visit with an advisor for information regarding transfer degree requirements and applicable courses.

Students completing occupational/technical degree programs receive either an Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree, depending upon the program selected. Students in health-related programs may be required to earn a grade of C or higher in all discipline-specific courses. College developmental courses do not apply toward either AS or AAS degree requirements.

Certificate and advanced technology diploma completers must meet the academic requirements of the program in order to graduate.

Students completing a four-year degree receive a Bachelor’s degree. College developmental courses do not apply toward any Bachelor’s degree requirements.

To qualify for graduation at Polk State College, the student must:

  1. Complete all degree-seeking admission requirements, including the submission of all necessary transcripts and other required documents.
  2. Complete the required credit hours in a prescribed program of study.
  3. Complete any other applicable requirements. For example, some occupational/technical programs require a grade of C or higher in all program courses. 
  4. Have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. A minimum cumulative program GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation with a credit or vocational certificate or applied technology diploma.
  5. Complete at least 25% of the credit hours required for the degree or certificate earned through instruction offered at Polk State College.

Note: Students interested in a baccalaureate degree in Education must pass the General Knowledge (GK) portion of the Florida Teacher’s Certification Exam to be admitted to Education programs in Florida colleges and universities. 

Additional graduation requirements specific to the Associate in Arts and the baccalaureate degrees is satisfaction of foreign language proficiency:

Any of the following items satisfies the language requirement for a baccalaureate degree:


1.  Completion of two years of high school instruction in the same foreign language.

2.  Completion of a college-level course at the Elementary-2 level (or higher) in a foreign language or in American Sign Language (ASL) (e.g., SPN 1131 First-Year Spanish II, FRE 1131 First Year French II, or ASL 1150 American Sign Language II).

3.  Achievement of minimum scores on a foreign language proficiency exam approved by the Registrar’s Office.

4.  Achievement of a score of three (3) or higher on the Advanced Placement exam in a foreign language.

5.  Completion of a high school diploma from a foreign country where the student studied in a language other than English.


Additional graduation requirement specific to the baccalaureate degrees:

In any baccalaureate program at Polk State College, 25% of the upper-division course work, including the degree’s capstone course, must be taken at Polk State College.

Students must apply for graduation online through the student portal, PASSPORT. It is the student’s responsibility to anticipate his or her graduation term. There is no fee for graduation application; however, students are responsible for the purchase of cap and gown, photos, invitations, and related materials. Students must apply for graduation even if they do not participate in the graduation ceremony; however, Polk State will automatically graduate students who have completed all requirements. Polk State College maintains a Graduation page on its website with further details.

All graduates are invited to participate in the formal graduation ceremony held at the end of the fall and spring terms. Summer graduates are invited to participate in the fall ceremony.