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Catalog/Handbook 2015-2016 
Catalog/Handbook 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Drug Free Policy

Because the likelihood of success is so dramatically reduced for students using illegal drugs, Polk State College is determined to have drug-free campuses. Illegal use of drugs or alcohol is not tolerated on any Polk State College campus or at any College-sponsored event off campus as indicated by District Board of Trustees Rules 4.01 and 2.25. Certain limited admission programs have additional procedures regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. Various opportunities exist at Polk State College to educate students about the realities of drug and alcohol abuse. A major unit in the HLP 1081 Wellness Concepts course covers substance abuse. In addition, special seminars, workshops, and discussion opportunities are scheduled.

Polk State College requires all applicants for admission to commit to obeying the law and to refrain from illegal drug and alcohol activity on campuses and at all College events.

Students who illegally use drugs or alcohol, or who sell or manufacture legal or illegal drugs on any of the College’s campuses or centers or at a College-sponsored event off campus are subject to disciplinary actions, which could include suspension or expulsion.

The College refers all individuals who engage in illegal drug or controlled substance/alcohol activity on the College’s campuses or centers or at College events to law enforcement for prosecution.

Students who are convicted of any drug offense are required to report the offense to the campus Dean of Student Services within five days of the student’s first day of classes. Furthermore, students currently attending Polk State College who become subject to legal action as a result of drug-related offenses are required to contact the campus Dean of Student Services. The College reserves the right to investigate reports of drug use or conviction. Students who are found to have neglected this requirement are subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Readmission is granted to students who are suspended or expelled due to drug-related offenses only when they provide proof that they are drug free after drug rehabilitation. The Polk State College Petitions Committee, consisting of students and staff, reviews the proof and makes a recommendation regarding readmission.