Jul 22, 2024  
Catalog/Handbook 2020-21 
Catalog/Handbook 2020-21 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Majors

Through the use of transfer majors, Polk State College offers preparation for many specific majors offered throughout the in the Florida State University System (SUS) and the Florida College System (FCS). This is known as the state’s 2+2 articulation. The selection of a transfer major and a transfer institution serves as a course-requirement guide for a student who plans to earn a Liberal Arts degree before transferring to a Florida state university or a Florida College System institution offering baccalaureate degrees (such as Polk State) to complete a specific four-year degree.

Each transfer major displays the required courses to satisfy General Education requirements, as well as the statewide common course prerequisites required for specific baccalaureate programs from the state’s Common Prerequisite Manual. Using the transfer major degree audit found in PASSPORT, a student can plan for the AA in Liberal Arts degree program more effectively and minimize the potential for excess credit hours. Each student must remain cautious as excess hours accrued toward a baccalaureate degree can incur additional cost tuition at the university level.

There are many state transfer majors available through FloridaShines.org. A student can search transfer-major degree programs and learn more about the state’s 2+2 pathway to a baccalaureate degree.