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Catalog/Handbook 2022-2023 
Catalog/Handbook 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Education

Polk State offers distance education options across all disciplines. Information about specific courses and fully-online programs can be found on the College’s website (Online@PolkState). A student applying to the College can select the online campus option. An online-specific student success advisor can ensure proper registration for classes.

Online courses are delivered in two modalities within the Canvas learning management system: Live Online (this requires regular online class meetings) and Online: No Live Meetings (this functions as a typical asynchronous course, with assignment completion and other deadlines used as attendance). Instructors post syllabi, pages, announcements, grades, and assignments, as well as offer additional instructional materials, through Canvas.

Instructors may also communicate using a variety of methods including email, Canvas messaging, discussions, grading feedback, quiz feedback, and synchronous options through web conferences. The course syllabus is available prior by the first day of the term, and students are advised to review this document carefully regarding assignment, attendance, and testing requirements and instructions.

Polk State College does not charge distance learning fees for courses; however, additional fees may be required, especially for exam proctoring. Many instructors require proctored examinations. A student may complete proctored examinations in the Teaching/Learning and Computing Center (TLCC) at the College’s campuses or centers at no cost (as available). If a student is not located near one of the TLCC locations, the student can discuss the option to complete the examination at an additional cost via online proctoring (e.g., Honorlock) or at a proctoring center. Under certain circumstances the College may provide remote proctoring at no cost. Information about this is provided through the College website under the Remote Proctoring Option page.

Security of personal information in the distance learning environment is protected through the learning management system, Canvas. Users are required to log in to utilize Canvas functions such as the assignment, quiz, and discussion tools. The learning management system also uses a grades tool for secure dissemination of student grade data.