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Catalog/Handbook 2022-2023 
Catalog/Handbook 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Digital Media Technology (Graphic Design Specialization), AS

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Program: AS-25843

The Digital Media Technology Program at Polk State College prepares an individual for a career in graphic design, video production, and web development. During the program, the student engages in hands-on tasks and industry-standard workflows using current technologies and equipment to produce professional results that communicate effectively.

The Graphic Design Specialization provides a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates principles of good design, aesthetic appeal, color theory, personal creativity, visual hierarchy, image editing, typography, communication formats, publication design, page-layout techniques, identity systems, interactive design, web design, video graphics, effective messaging, and audiovisual communication to increase engagement and acquisition of design and media skills.

Targeted projects and extensive training allow the student to increase expertise, improve technical skills, and expand soft skills. Additionally, each student develops the ability to collaborate effectively within a team, cope under pressure, communicate professionally, apply important interpersonal skills, and use creative problem solving to exceed the needs of clients and complete projects.

The program offers 24 credits in the Core Curriculum, 18 credits in General Education, and 18 credits in Graphic Design. To promote a comprehensive media skillset, the Core Curriculum includes courses in digital media concepts, video and audio editing, photography, web development, image creation and editing, interactive design, and publication design. It also features a Capstone Course to develop and expand the individual’s portfolio.

The Digital Media Technology Program provides certificate options for working adults, professionals with degrees, and individuals who wish to gain specific expertise in one or two semesters.

Certain courses in this program require placement at the college level or satisfaction of developmental education requirements in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
Upon successful completion of this program, the graduate is able to:
PLO 1: Create professionally designed print and digital products using industry-standard tools and workflows that adhere to best practices for graphic and visual design.
PLO 2: Apply imaging, illustration, photographic, typographic, prototyping, and other related tools to create, edit, and produce thoughtful visual imagery that effectively communicates intended ideas, emotions, or identities to target audiences across a variety of media.
PLO 3: Demonstrate effective collaboration within a multimedia team by integrating shared objectives, essential interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, timely communication, and professional interactions.
PLO 4: Produce end-products that comply with copyright guidelines and relevant laws; show commitment to professional conduct and personal ethos; apply best practices to content rights, privacy, and data security; demonstrate appropriate use of social media; and incorporate principles of inclusion and diversity.

Electives (0-1 Credits Required)

 Note: Keyboarding skills are required for all computer-related courses.

Total Program Hours: 60

Civic Literacy Competency

Pursuant to Rule 6A-10.02413 of the Florida Administrative Code, effective Fall 2022 competency in civic literacy is a requirement for all students receiving an Associate in Science degree. Competency in civic literacy must be demonstrated in the following ways:

AND Florida Civic Literacy Examination (Score of 60% or better)


  • Or completing one of the following assessments with the score indicated:
    • AP Government and Politics: United States (Score of 3 or better)
    • AP United States History (Score of 4 or better)
    • CLEP: American Government (Score of 50 or better)
    • Florida Civic Literacy Examination (Score of 60% or better)

Note: All approved accelerated credit is listed in the Credit-By-Exam Equivalencies. The Credit-by-Exam section of the Florida State Articulation Committee website provides further details.

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