Jun 25, 2024  
Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024 
Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024

Degrees and Program Objectives

Polk State College offers baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, and certificate programs at the college level. Within the degrees offered, there are numerous programs available with specific objectives for specialization of the academic experience. A student must select his or her program objective when 12 college credits have been completed. An Associate in Arts student must also select a transfer major and transfer institution when 12 college credits have been achieved. 

The program is an area of study containing a group of courses and requirements that lead to a degree in a specific discipline. The student may obtain more than one degree at the same level in different disciplines, or earn different degrees at different levels within the same discipline; however, a student cannot earn two associate degrees or two baccalaureate degrees in the same discipline. The chart and examples below explain this rule.



Program or Major




Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Supervision and Management Business Administration
  Supervision and Management Public Administration
Associate in Science (AS) Diagnostic Medical Sonography  
  Accounting Technology  
  Business Administration  
Associate in Arts (AA) Liberal Arts (A transfer major is selected in accordance with the baccalaureate degree sought.)  

 According to the above chart:

  1. A student may earn an AS in Business Administration and a BAS in Supervision and Management with the Business Administration specialization.
  2. A student may earn an AS in Accounting Technology and an AS in Business Administration.
  3. A student may earn a BAS in Supervision and Management with both the Business Administration specialization and the Public Administration specialization. The student earns one BAS degree with two areas of specialization.
  4. A student may not earn a BAS in Supervision and Management with a Business Administration specialization and a second BAS in Supervision and Management with a Public Administration specialization.
  5. A student may earn an AS in Accounting Technology and an AA in Liberal Arts.

Polk State College offers one Associate in Arts (AA) degree. Each Associate in Arts student selects a transfer major and transfer institution, determining the General Education and elective selections for the intended major. Even if the student completes the requirements for more than one transfer major, he or she earns one AA in Liberal Arts.

The College provides advising and degree-audit tools in PASSPORT to assist the student in planning a schedule of courses required by a chosen specialization and degree program. A student success advisor can provide guidance in selecting a program and can also help the student with strategies to stay on track toward degree completion.