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Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024 
Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024


Registering for classes at Polk State College is accomplished through the online registration system (www.polk.edu). Each student is required to follow the admission steps before registering for any classes. During registration, the student is authenticated through the student portal, PASSPORT, to ensure the identity of the student. Registration is monitored throughout the registration period for unusual activity. 

The below list contains additional information helpful to successful registration:

  1. The student should consult the Academic Calendar on the College’s website for registration dates, fees, and payment deadlines.
  2. The student should be prepared to pay for classes by the posted payment deadline, which displays on the student’s schedule in PASSPORT. Otherwise, the registration reservation is canceled, and the student may not be able to re-register for the classes that he or she originally selected. Payment online by credit card is possible through PASSPORT (www.polk.edu) or in person at the Winter Haven or Lakeland Campus. Polk State College also has other payment options available, such as a tuition payment plan administered through a partnership. After a small enrollment fee and down payment, the student can spread tuition and fee payments over four monthly payments, depending on when the student registers. This allows more flexibility in managing tuition and fees each semester. More information on payment options is available through the Business Office Tuition Payment Plan Q & A Section on the website.
  3. A student with unmet obligations (e.g., overdue library books, financial obligations, or missing student records) is blocked from registering for future terms.
  4. An individual may be restricted from registering for a course if he or she has not met the prerequisite requirements. If a student pre-registers for the next term, but fails a prerequisite course, he or she must drop the class requiring the prerequisite; however, the student may add another appropriate course. A student who fails a prerequisite course and does not drop the next course in the sequence may be dropped from all classes on the schedule in the next semester.
  5. Once the Add Period has ended, schedule change requests must be submitted to the Campus Associate Dean of Student Services or Campus Academic Dean.


Registration Fees

  • Registration fees are due by the fee-payment deadline as published on the student schedule found in PASSPORT. Payment may be made in person at the Polk State College Cashier’s Office on the Winter Haven Campus or Lakeland Campus, or online through the PASSPORT student portal.
  • Failure to pay fees by the published deadline results in cancellation of registration. The student may not be able to re-register for the original classes selected. Although the College may attempt to drop the student who does not pay fees, it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to drop from all classes to avoid owing fees and tuition for the semester.
  • Registration is not complete until the student stops registration activity, and the PASSPORT account shows that all fees have been paid in full.
  • An individual who receives financial aid, a Bright Futures Scholarship, Veteran’s benefits, or any other form of aid must be aware of the award coverage and pay any outstanding portion by the posted deadline to prevent cancellation of registration. 

Note: A student who does not attend class during the Add/Drop Period and is marked as non-attending by the professor is subsequently dropped from the class, affecting aid calculations. This may result in a recalculation of full-time or part-time status, which may affect the aid that has been designated. If the individual is able to be reinstated to the class or enroll in another class, the tuition and fees are due immediately upon registration.

  • All outstanding residency documentation must be submitted prior to the Drop deadline. Once the Drop deadline has passed, a student’s residency cannot be changed for the current term.
  • Documentation for qualifying for one of Florida’s fee exemptions or waivers must be submitted prior to the Drop deadline. Once the Drop deadline has passed, a student’s exemptions and waivers cannot be applied to the current term.

    Note: Each student should carefully read all documentation from the Financial Aid Office, the Foundation, the Admission and Registrar’s Office, or any other funding source to ensure compliance with all regulations relating to financial arrangements for tuition and fees.


Registration Tools

PASSPORT (Personal Access to Student Services: Polk Online Registration Tool) is an online system that allows a student to conduct various tasks. In PASSPORT the student can:

  • Review records
  • Make address changes
  • View grades
  • Check financial aid status
  • Pay for classes and other fees
  • Order official transcripts
  • Print enrollment certifications
  • Register for classes
  • View official communication
  • Follow the degree audit and Education Plan
  • Apply for graduation

PASSPORT allows the student to conduct these tasks day or night from any computer with Internet access. Each student who has been admitted to the College and has a password can use PASSPORT.

A student can enter the online PASSPORT tool by visiting the website (www.polk.edu) and clicking on the PASSPORT link. Step-by-step instructions can be found on the PASSPORT home screen by clicking the link for Student Help Using PASSPORT.