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Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024 
Catalog/Handbook 2023-2024

Drop and Add Periods

Each term (i.e., fall, spring, and summer) offers several different sessions. The length of the class is dependent on the number of weeks in the session. Typically, a class offers 15 hours of instruction per credit hour; the instruction occurs via face-to-face, Internet, or hybrid format (i.e., a hybrid course combines an Internet component with face-to-face instruction). Each session has a Drop Period and an Add Period; these allow students to drop or add classes without academic or financial obligations. These dates differ each term. The Academic Calendar provides listings of the specific dates for each session. Once a class has begun, a student can no longer add it to his or her schedule. The Add Period ends for all online and hybrid classes at 8:00 a.m. on the third day that the class is in session. Traditional face-to-face classes can be added before the first class meets. An advisor can help a student to determine if it is possible to add a class after a session begins.

A student may “drop down” in the level of coursework during the Drop Period and for four weeks into the semester. This option allows the student to move to a lower course in a sequence in certain gateway English, Mathematics, Science, and Developmental Education courses if the student finds the current course material too complex. This drop down action must take place in the same semester and requires the assistance of a Student Success Advisor.

A student is allowed to drop a class during the Drop Period, which is seven days from the first day of the class. In classes that do not fit into a traditional session, the Drop and Add dates are found in PASSPORT and on the student schedule. Athletes, International Students, dual-enrolled students, and students enrolled in a third attempt may have restrictions during the Drop Period and later during the Withdrawal Period. The student is responsible for the outcomes of dropping a class during the Drop Period: these outcomes may include financial aid award reductions, extension of the student’s expected completion date, or the inability to re-register for given (or alternate course). The Academic Calendar provides important term dates and deadlines.


Reinstatement is the process of being added back to a class after the Drop Deadline has passed. A student who is dropped from his or her class(es) for non-payment cannot be reinstated by the professor(s). The student may visit the Admission and Registrar’s Office to determine eligibility for reinstatement. If the student is eligible, he or she must complete a Reinstatement Form in PASSPORT.  A student who withdraws (or who is withdrawn by the professor) and wants to be reinstated to a class may request a reinstatement from the professor, but approval is not guaranteed. A student who is withdrawn from a competency-based education class is required to start the class over upon reinstatement.