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Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 
Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Corporate College

About Corporate College

The Corporate College brings together an extensive curriculum of technological, business, and professional development courses that are divided into areas of specialization called institutes. Each institute incorporates the latest developments in technologies and applications that have a major commercial impact. The Corporate College institutes are committed to making every training opportunity available to the workforce community, and to providing the most economical, efficient, and effective means of meeting today’s demanding training needs. The Corporate College can conduct classes at a company site, at a Polk State College campus, or a location that is convenient for the workforce needs. Classes are scheduled on days and at times that are flexible for student convenience. Online training opportunities from national providers are also available. The Corporate College web page on Polk State’s website provides contact and registration information.

Corporate College Institutes

Advanced Manufacturing Institute

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute provides manufacturers with access to state-of-the-art, advanced equipment, affordable workforce development, and training solutions for the development of specialized skills in manufacturing. The purpose is to continually incorporate the latest developments in technologies and applications, to train individuals to those standards, and to help Polk County and neighboring counties to build their industries to achieve global competitiveness.

The Corporate College implements ambitious training programs designed to provide a well-trained, highly-skilled workforce. In designing these programs, the Corporate College collaborates with local manufacturers, leading training providers, and equipment manufacturers to develop and deliver the programs that manufacturers want. These partnerships use industry-tested professionals as instructors to assist the Corporate College in delivering new and emerging technologies to the local workforce.

Child Care Training Institute

The Child Care Training Institute provides courses following the state-mandated training required for employment in a child care center. Taking care of children is a full-time charge, and provisions for training individuals for professional, competent child care are essential. Polk State College provides Florida’s state-mandated classes for child care professionals in Polk, Hardee, and Highland Counties. These mandated courses present the required training necessary for individuals to either work in or own a Child Care Center. The classes address both basic and specialized training, and focus on the high quality of care children deserve.

Contractor Safety Training Institute

The Contractor Safety Training Institute offers a Contractor Safety Program for all contractors working in Florida’s phosphate and chemical plants. Additionally, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)—New Miner Training is a course for contractors who work on mine sites. These training opportunities meet all state and federal guidelines. Offerings are expanding to new business sectors due to the increase in homeland security initiatives.

Design, Construction and Sustainability Institute

The Design, Construction and Sustainability Institute (DCSI) is a quality-driven institution that is dedicated to providing Polk County’s construction industry with exceptional workforce training to support the building of a high quality, sustainable infrastructure. A recent needs-analysis survey conducted by the Corporate College showed that 93% of the construction firms surveyed had an interest in workforce training, and the same percentage of these firms indicated that they needed the training now.

The Polk State Corporate College has diverse course offerings relevant to industry needs; these are taught by certified instructors with vast industry experience and are held in a comfortable setting.

Insurance Institute

The Polk State Insurance Institute provides pre-license and continuing education courses via classes taught by experienced leaders in the insurance industry. The Polk State Insurance Institute also has a complete online course program. Fully-online courses are available for the 2-15 Life, Health, and Variable Annuities Pre-license Course and the 2-20 General Lines Pre-license Course. Additionally, the Polk State College Insurance Institute offers the ACA – Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation Course and the RCSR – Registered Customer Representative Course. The ACA allows students to be exempt from the Florida state exam for the General Lines Adjuster License when they apply online to the State for the 5-20 or 6-20 License. The RCSR allows students to be exempt from the Florida state exam for the 4-40 Customer Representative License when they apply online to the State for the 4-40 License.

IT/Computer Institute

The IT/Computer Institute offers a broad array of hands-on IT, project management, and professional skills-training courses. Throughout the last decade, the global market has encountered an explosion of new technology, much of which has become ubiquitous in the workplace.Today’s computer users must be continual learners.

The IT/Computer Institute schedules classes throughout the year in Polk State’s state-of-the-art computer labs. All classes can be customized to fit the customer’s training needs. Whether a business is interested in certification programs or new software application programs, IT/Computer Institute professionals can assess these needs and develop a program that uniquely serves and benefits that company.

Professional Development Institute

The Professional Development Institute (PDI) is committed to enhancing the performance of public and private organizations throughout Florida. The PDI accomplishes this by guiding organizations through transforming process-improvement programs that result in efficient and cost-effective service delivery mechanisms for their internal and external customers.

The renowned PDI instructors are industry-proven trainers and experts who have both national and international experience in delivering training solutions on a wide variety of subjects. The PDI experts address current trends, teach new skill sets, and lend their expertise to help organizations gain a competitive advantage.

Real Estate Institute

The Real Estate Institute provides participants with an understanding of real estate principles, practices, and law, as well as issues relating to appraisal and investment. Participants taking these courses are primarily seeking to explore possible careers in the real estate field. The real estate appraisal courses are approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission and Appraisal Foundation Board.

Supply Chain Management Institute

The Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) has been designed to support the rapidly growing supply chain management industry in Polk County. The SCMI offers courses in Transportation/Logistics and Warehousing/Distribution; these components of supply chain management comprise a significant percentage of Polk County’s economy. Courses are also offered in applied technical skills associated with supply chain management. Students who complete the Supply Chain Management Institute courses can ultimately gain certificate training, specialist certification, expert-in-field certification, articulation to college credit, or an associate’s degree. These options benefit students, businesses, and the local economy. The Corporate College is implementing ambitious training programs that provide the workforce with a pool of well-trained and highly-skilled individuals. In designing these programs, the Corporate College did not build its programs in-house, but rather has collaborated with leading training providers and component manufacturers to develop and deliver the curriculum. These partnerships are vital to building continuously relevant workforce programs and to providing training using industry-tested professionals.