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Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 
Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Class Attendance

General Policy: Class attendance is a critical part of the teaching and learning process. Students are expected to arrange their schedules in order to maintain regular and prompt attendance in all of their classes. Professors may provide course-specific attendance policies, such as those indicating that excessive absences from class may result in withdrawal or failure. Polk State College requires professors to report students who do not attend class during the first week. These students will be withdrawn and receive a grade of W on their transcript. The student will still be financially obligated for the tuition and fees related to all courses assigned such a grade. Therefore, it is important to begin attending the first day of class.

Policy for International Students: International students are required to maintain full-time enrollment status (12 or more credits per term) and to abide by the attendance policy established for each course in which they are enrolled. They are also expected to meet the standards established in the College’s Academic Standards of Progress, Polk State College Procedure 5017. Failure to meet the requirements of either policy may have a negative effect upon the student’s visa status.

Policy for Veterans and VA-Benefit Students–Credit Courses: Records of attendance for students are maintained for all courses in order to determine the last day of attendance. Withdrawal shall be consistent with the professor’s policy regarding attendance for all students, including veterans or other students attending through VA benefits. VA-benefit students may be withdrawn from a credit course by the withdrawal deadline if the professor determines that an attendance-policy violation prevents satisfactory completion of a course. Any VA-benefit student who violates the attendance policy for a course is decertified by the school, the benefits are terminated for unsatisfactory progress, and the student is required to refund monies received that term.

Policy for Veterans and VA-Benefit Students–PSAV Certificate Courses: Veterans, and other persons eligible to receive VA education benefits, who register in PSAV certificate courses and accumulate four (4) days of unexcused absences within any calendar month are decertified for lack of attendance. This action leads to decertification by the school, termination of benefits for unsatisfactory progress, and the student is required to refund monies received that term.

Policy for Law Enforcement and Corrections Certificate Programs: Students enrolled in law enforcement and corrections certificate programs are required to attend the full number of hours for each course. Unexcused absences and absences for which the time and work are not made up may result in students being dropped from a course. Absences approved by the Training Center Director for illnesses, subpoenas, and emergencies are permitted or excused; however, students must make up all missed time and work. Students must submit requests for authorized absences to the Course Coordinator or Center Director. Trainees returning from any absences are required to submit a written notice to the appropriate training-center staff member detailing the total time absent from class, as well as the time in which the individual returned to class.

Policy for Readmission of Students after Suspension in Disciplinary Action: Students are not to be readmitted to class without written notice from the Campus Dean of Student Services or the Vice President for Academic and Student Services when students have been suspended under disciplinary action. Faculty members are notified prior to a student’s re-admittance.