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Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 
Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Accelerated Mechanisms

Polk State College encourages students to make the most of their educational history, opportunities and their talents through credit by examination or high school accelerated mechanisms. The state of Florida maintains an approved list of equivalencies for various kinds accelerated opportunities.  The FLVC.org website links to details for each of the following.  Open the PDF titled ACC Credit-by-Exam Equivalencies for information.

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Advanced International Certificate of Education Program (AICE)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Excelsior College exams

In addition, Facts.org maintains Frequently Asked Questions about accelerated credit and a comparison of high school  accelerated credit opportunities such as Dual-Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses.


Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System

Courses in this catalog are identified by prefixes and numbers that are assigned by Florida’s Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS). This numbering system is used by all public postsecondary institutions and many participating non-public institutions. The purpose of this system is to facilitate the transfer of courses between participating institutions. Students and administrators can use the online Statewide Course Numbering System to obtain course descriptions and specific information about course transfer between participating Florida institutions. Each participating institution controls the title, credit, and content of its own course. For further details on the Statewide Course Numbering System, students should visit the SCNS website.


Rules and Procedures

The College’s official policies are in the form of rules and procedures.  Rules are enacted by the District Board of Trustees to authorize the College to create or maintain policies to define terms, conditions, privileges or limitations, and to align with Florida Statutes. Procedures are Polk State College’s official policies that take precedence over any other written document, including this catalog. These are annually reviewed and updated by the College’s administration.


Transferring a Polk State College Degree to a Florida University

The Polk State College Associate in Arts degree, with all its advising tracks, is transferrable to Florida state universities. Florida maintains a website to help students understand how to transfer to a university, what degrees are available, and how the student’s PolK State College credit applies. This website is www.flvc.org. It is recommended that the student start with the transfer website page, About Transferring.  Students should become familiar with this website and its documents early in  the progression toward their degrees to help them plan appropriately for their next step in their education.