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Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 
Catalog/Handbook 2013-14 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSC 1930 - Biological Issues

3 hours Lecture, 3 credits
Lower-Division College Credit
Prerequisites: Placement at the college level in reading and writing, or completion of required college developmental courses in reading and writing
AA Elective: Yes
This course provides students with an opportunity to investigate current biological issues through background research and classroom discussion. Students research, investigate, present, and write about selected biological issues during this course. Issues may include, but are not limited to, methods of science, ethical issues in biology, genes and genetics, DNA technology, evolution, nutrition, and ecology, as well as the biological basis for cancer, AIDS, and other diseases.

This course is also offered in Honors format. For Honors Program sections, Honors Program permission is required.

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